The 7 Guiding Principles

1. The social curriculum is as important as the academic curriculum.

2. How children learn is as important as what they learn.

3. The greatest cognitive growth occurs through social interaction.

4. To be successful academically and socially, children need a set of social skills: cooperation, assertion, responsibility, empathy, and self-control.

5. Knowing the children we teach is as important as knowing the content we teach.

6. Knowing the families of the children we teach and working with them as partners is essential to children's education

7. How the adults at school work together is as important as their individual competence.

Infant Staff


The infant staff is dedicated CDA certified individuals that cater to children from 6 weeks to 12 months. The infant staff here at Sunshine Early Learning Center will help children with various skills such as gross and fine motor skills, recognizing objects and people, responding to their own name, expressing emotion by the tone of their voice, etc. Our staff will ensure the success of all the children enrolled in the infant program in order for the children to advance towards the next steps in life!

Toddler Staff


The Toddler staff is extremely dedicated individuals who are CDA certified to teach the toddlers of Sunshine Early Learning Center the necessary tools in order to prepare for Pre-K. The toddler program caters to children from 12 months to 3 years. Some of the various skills that will be taught in the toddler program will be the ability to learn and solve problems, the ability to use small and large muscles, the ability to understand and use language, etc. The toddler staff will build a strong bond with the students in order for them to do what's best for the children.

Pre- K staff


The Pre-K staff are dedicated, family-oriented, and degree certified staff that gives the children the proper foundation in order to succeed in the near future. The Pre-K program at Sunshine Early Learning Center in alignment with DC public Schools caters to children from 3-5 years old. Some of the skills that are developed in the Pre-K program are asking for help when needed, identifying shapes, extending sentences logically, comforting other children, exhibiting a concern of fairness, catching and throwing, etc. The Pre-K staff at Sunshine Early Learning Center will continue to ensure success for the children in the Pre-K program in order to produce the future leaders of tomorrow!


Ms. Tiffany Bell

Pre-K Program Director 

Ms. Tyeika Jordan

Administrative Assistant

Remembering Ms.Lane


Ms. Lane will always be remembered for her everlasting passion in early child care and her dedication towards the children of Sunshine Early Learning Center. She will be remembered as a driving force for the improvement of early child care. Ms. Lane is an example of a person achieving extraordinary milestones no matter the adversity. Ms. Lane attended a program called "Mother" (in which Ms. Rollins was teaching during that time). Ms. Rollins identified her as a standout in the class and understood that she was a lot like her in many ways. They shared the same unconditional passion for early child care. Ms. Rollins then asked her to work with the company, which started an impact that has lasted for eternity in Ward 8. She was a natural child care teacher in which not only impacted the children, but also the staff at the program.  Also, she was an example of the impact of lifelong education. With the help and support of the Sunshine Early Learning Center family, she was able to receive her AA in Early Childhood Education. Before she passed, she was in pursuit of her Bachelor's Degree. She will be greatly missed by the staff of Sunshine Early Learning Center and the whole community of Ward 8!