Virtual Learning Institute 

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Shining The Light From Our Home To Yours.

The coronavirus pandemic has caused schools and childcare centers to close throughout the country. One of the many unfortunate side effects of these closings is that a large number of children have missed huge opportunities to be engaged and developed consistently. Child development centers have significantly more challenges sustaining and providing high-quality child care to children, especially those coming from under-served communities. We now have significant reductions in the number of children we are able to serve due to the regulations regarding group size and social distancing. The reductions in group size have caused Sunshine Early Learning Center and Southeast Children’s Fund to greatly reduce the number of children we allow into the center each day. This means that a great number of children miss out on the daily developmental activities and interactions they once were so accustomed to experiencing. This creates additional barriers for child development centers, like Sunshine Early Learning Center, that serves a community that is predominantly under-served because now the direct interaction we normally have with the children and families is greatly limited..

Mission Statement

The mission of the Virtual Learning Institute is to engage students and their families by providing high-quality learning and developmental activities through multimedia technology. The Virtual classroom will allow us to leverage external stakeholders to expose our community at Sunshine Early Learning Center and Southeast Children’s Fund to a plethora of experiences ranging from foreign languages, cultural awareness, storytelling, STEM, history, and self awareness.

Vision Statement

The Virtual Learning Institute will be a leading platform that prioritizes accessible technological opportunities that expose children and those who care for them to high-quality educational experiences that enhance their holistic development.

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